How to remove beagle/tracker detection?


can somebody tell me how to remove beagle/tracker detection when
searching through the nautilus search bar? Nautilus used to have a
--disable-beagle option to configure, but that seems to have been
replaced by some kind of dynamic detection of a running beagle daemon.

I want to permanently disable beagle searches  through the search bar,
with a running beagle daemon, so that users need to explicitly do a
beagle search via search applet when they intend to use beagle. The
reason is that many users are searching removable drives with the search
bar, which are usually not indexed, and complain that nautilus does not
find anything. I know of "Applications" -> "Utilities" -> "Search Files
and Folders...", but that is not very intuitive.

Of course, I'd prefer a way without rebuilding nautilus, but if that is
neccessary, I will do so.


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