Re: Nautilus plans for 3.0

Am 22.12.2010 23:23, schrieb Holger Berndt:
> On Mi, 22.12.2010 11:55, Andreas Heinlein wrote:
>> I doubt that this is true, at least for GNOME 2.30 (Ubuntu 10.04).
>> First, it is quite difficult to find how to enable editable keyboard
>> shortcuts since this option has been removed from gnome-appearance (it
>> is /desktop/gnome/interface/can_change_accels in gconf).
> Yes, the option is less discoverable, but it is available, so I don't
> see how this makes my statement false.
Excuse me, by "not true" I meant the second part of my message. Sorry if
I did not express myself wel..
>> Second, this
>> works in nautilus for standard menu items like "Move to Trash" or
>> "Settings", but not for extension menu items like "compress" from
>> file-roller, "Open Terminal here" from nautilus-open-terminal, "Run as
>> administrator" from nautilus-gksu.
> As it worked for me for "non-standard" menu items like "File/Open in
> Terminal", or even the on-the-fly generated menu items for Nautilus
> scripts, I experimented a bit, and it indeed seems to be possible to
> assign keyboard shortcuts to extension menu items registered on the
> background (also visible in the File menu), but not in the file context
> menu (also visible in the Edit menu).
> Holger
It seems you're right. I have update said bug report to reflect this;
still I'd like to see this in future nautilus versions. But I agree this
may not be the right place to discuss this.

Thank you


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