Re: Nautilus hangs on long operations

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> 2010/12/1 Rui Tiago Cação Matos <tiagomatos gmail com>:
> > 2010/12/1 Pierre Wieser <pwieser trychlos org>:
> >> Mostly all my work is made on a NFS server (same configuration)
> >> via a gigabit LAN.
> >
> > Word on the street is that NFS is crap. I put my money on that being
> > your problem right there, no matter how fast your LAN is. That being
> > said, I never used NFS and I don't know how specially, if at all,
> > such
> > mounts are treated by GIO/gvfs/nautilus.
> Hmm, I might be sounding like a troll here. I'm sorry.

No problem, here, Rui. ;)

> But hey, there is even an OLS paper about it:

Seems interesting. Have to take a glance at that.

> Of course you might argue that it's GIO/gvfs/nautilus' fault for
> becoming hung themselves which I can certainly agree with and that
> would be a bug but you'd need to provide mode information about it,
> like actual steps to reproduce it.
> Rui

NFS has a very bad reputation indeed, and it do may be my actual problem.
But I am not conscious of another way to share data between several
stations ?
And I also have seen sites (e.g. my current sponsor/client) which run
NFS for several hundred of very consuming users. Though their engineers
are certainly better sysadmins than me :)

Anyway, I have to wait until next week-end, back from travel, to try
to better diagnose the problem. Any hints are welcome.


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