Hi list!

I've made a few patches for nautilus and would like someone to review and comment on them. I'd also like some input on other bugs to continue working on them.

 *** Emblems get cut when scaled to a zoom >= 150% (refresh issue) ***

Patch exists and has been tested to work really well. Probably ok to commit.

*** Should be able to sort by "when file was binned" in Trash folder ***

Updated patch after review from alex.

*** crash in Open Folder: Not sure what triggered ... ***

Crash when opening an invalid network bookmark. Should be ok to commit. Something for 2.30.1?

*** File operation dialogue , the file count and the size count change in opposite direction. ***

Patch exists and needs review/comment.

*** nautilus should always show disk free space ***

Need input from alex (?) as the translated strings looks valid to me and the comment in the code.

*** Open location should not close on invalid path ***

Annoying bug (at least for me). Patch exists and is updated against git. Also need comment from alex as I'm not 100% sure what he means...

*** spacebar in nautilus should not open a file ***

Needs help from a gtk ninja. An almost working patch exists but I'm not sure this is the right approach...

*** pathbar inconsistent when clicking a folder that no longer exist ***

Last patch needs review and I'll be happy to fix the issues (if Ted won't have time)

I think that was all for this time...

Best regards,

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