Re: nautilus-actions is back

----- "Bruce van der Kooij" <brucevdkooij gmail com> wrote:
> You may want to look at:

Bruce, the part of your patch relative to the initialization of
gnome_vfs has been applied. Thanks for it (and for the

The bug relative to line breaks in po/LINGUAS was already fixed by Christian.

> > Your comments and feedback, now and in the future, will be greatly 
> > appreciated as they were in the past.
> You may be interested in the following propsoal an acquittance of
> mine
> has written for an actions plugin for Thunar (he had not heard off
> nautilus-actions before I told him about it). You can find it at:
> I'm not sure how nautilus-actions stores the actions (iirc as XML
> files
> in GConf) but I do know that it doesn't yet support sub menus for
> example. What that proposal is suggesting is the creation of context
> menu entries from .desktop files and creating some new standard to
> deal
> with conditions etc.

Yes, this proposal seems very interesting !
I think also that this would be a great thing if actions developped
for nautilus-actions or thunar could be used with the other filemanager.

> The relevant standards are the Desktop Menu 
> Specification[1] and the Desktop Entry Specification[2].
>    [1]
>    [2]
> Good luck and I'll be keeping a close eye on this project.
> Best regards,
> Bruce


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