Does Nautilus forward Kerberos 5 credentials for AFS?

I'm seeing something peculiar in Nautilus:

I can connect to an AFS FTP server using Kerberos by typing in the URI
sftp://username ftp server running kerberos/afs/home/username/

Nautilus lets me in, lets me browse around my public folder but won't
let me touch or see my private stuff.

It's the exact same behaviour as when I use Kerberized ftp without
forwarding my credentials. 

Doing this:
/usr/kerberos/bin/ftp ftp.server.running.kerberos

Instead of this:
/usr/kerberos/bin/ftp -f ftp.server.running.kerberos

I'm figuring that Nautilus authenticates correctly with GSSAPI but
doesn't forward my credentials. Without them I can't do anything in the

Is this correct?
Can I do anything about it?



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