Re: Start/Stop volumes and l10n

2009/7/26 David Zeuthen <david fubar dk>:

>  For example the UI should
> say "Start Multi-disk Device", not "Start":

I've collected here the place where translatable strings "_Start"
appears. Even if this will never appear in the UI as you said,
shouldn't be good have at least translator comments?

However, 'cause all those "_Start" string will appear as a single
translatable message in PO files, I suppose that will not so simple
manage all those comments

> or "Safely remove drive", not "Stop"

Similar for "_Stop" (but no pastebin, sorry). Just please note that
"_Stop" label also appears in

  /* name, stock id */         { "Stop", GTK_STOCK_STOP,
  /* label, accelerator */       N_("_Stop"), NULL,
  /* tooltip */                  N_("Stop loading the current location"),
                                 G_CALLBACK (action_stop_callback) },

> Yup. This feature included changes in GIO, GVfs and Nautilus. Also note
> that the terminology in Palimpsest is different since the target
> audience for Palimpsest (intermediate to expert) differs from that of
> Nautilus (novice users). For example, we use the term "Detach" instead
> of "Safely remove".
> Hope this clarifies.

I still have a doubt: as the one that worked hard to implement this
feature, do you agree on searching for different verbs to describe
those actions, or do you think we have to use "Start/Stop XXX"?

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