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Hi, I'm Debian user, I use Debian testing branch and i have version 2.20 of nautilus installed, I been trying to install last version adding experimental repos and I can't install it by now. I'll try to figure out how to solve this problem. Anyway, my question is this: nautilus is on version 2.24 marked as stable (I know Debian community has his own methods to promote packages from unstable to stable so they don't include v2.24 on testing or stable branch). How this fact does affect nautilus development? (considering the fact that only Debian developers test the last version, and it's not available to the public easily --packaged--). Does Debian anyway make a huge conttribution to nautilus project without having nautilus last version in the stable and testing branches?

Sorry if the question is confusing, I tried to put it as clear as I can

Thanks, greetings from Colombia

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