Re: Nautilus vs gnome-shell and the future

Le 03/12/2009 17:04, Cosimo Cecchi a écrit :
Hi Alex,

On Wed, 2009-12-02 at 16:08 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:

This leads to two initial conclusions from my side. First of all we
should disable the drawing of the desktop by default. Second we should
default to browser mode. This might seem a bit suprising since I've
generally been on the spatial side. But, this has mainly been because
I've seen nautilus as much more used as a kind of file activation
shell rather than a hardcore file manager, and when that changes the
rationale for spatial mode change too.

While I completely agree about enabling browser mode by default,  I'm
not completely sold on Nautilus not drawing the desktop by default:
       * even with many applications opened, the desktop is just one
         click (or one keystroke) away from you (Ctrl+Alt+D or the "Show
         Desktop" applet).
       * it's a very big space to save things. If we're going to have
         something like a file stack in gnome-shell, we should make it
         sure it has the right amount of space. For instance, I find it
         confusing to use the stacked "Downloads" icon on the OSX dock,
         as it becomes just too messy and out-of-control when the number
         of files is high. You can always clean up your desktop instead
         when there are too many things on it, just like you'd do with a
         real one :)
       * orthogonal to the previous one, there are some items which are
         very handy to have on the desktop anyway, for instance, newly
         mounted volume icons.

<Putting my distro hat>
I have to concur with you.

When we first shipped KDE 4.1 with Mandriva release, a lot of people (I think I can say a majority) used to "desktop" metaphor were completely lost when the Plasmoid metaphor where there was no longer a "Desktop" visible for their files stored there (and I'm not even talking about migration issues).

We had to put a small "desktop" view on KDE default desktop and with last Mandriva release, we changed KDE default configuration to use a "full desktop directory" view, just like the old time. And users aren't confused anymore.

I know GNOME isn't KDE but we have to be careful to not duplicate mistakes from our fellow Qt desktop hackers ;)
</distro hat>

Frederic Crozat

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