Re: [Usability] Improve "Create Document" context menu

Mark wrote:

An elegant user-friendly solution needs to be achieved, which:
1: Allows the user to choose which templates to exist in the context menu
Already possible:

That is the present behavior , the templates have to be created for
every single template.
My idea is to improve this , allow users to use "Create Documents" as a quick-link to launch the frequently used programs

*Users rarely have templates* , or a need for templates.
They are misusing/hacking the Templates folder by dropping empty files for quicker access than launching programs from the Applications menu.

Templates are not empty files, Templates are supposed to be user or
company specific , something that already has a format, and just needs a
minor edit to be finished.

2: Opens the template instantly when the user selects from the context menu.
against this since it's not always the case for me. Roughly most of
the times i make a new file i make a bunch af them at once to edit
them AFTER i made them all. And because of the reason provided at "3:"
some lines up.
3: Prevents unnecessary empty backups.
against this one as well since i do from time to time want to have
"placeholder files". don't just "forbid" those.

I'm not sure why you want empty backups , aernt backups supposed to have
some info to backup? what is the use of having backups with nothing in them!

Well ... for exactly these 2 reasons , in the mockup , i have retained the "Empty File" which would allow you to have _all_ the old behavior, you have stated you want retained.

Nothing is being changed , only the quick-links are being added for
quicker access.

The idea is to make workflow easier/quicker for regular [non-advanced] users.

I'v opened a bug report with a proposed solution, and a mockup of the
context menu. >




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