directory dates changed during copies

First off, a belated welcome back to Alex from his paternity leave. I
hope it hasn't been too difficult to get readjusted since your return.

Something that was debated, and partially resolved, during that break
was the preservation of file dates and times on copy:

This has been a really important feature for me in my daily use,
especially for copies to remote shares.

One little problem with the latest Nautilus (2.24), though: directories
that are copied, even on the same local partition, are always given the
current date and time. This messes with the way I do archives. Older
versions of Nautilus (gnome-vfs) kept the date/time for all items,
including directories.

Would it please be possible to return to the older behavior? Not only is
it useful, it's also more consistent with the (now-restored) current
behavior for files.

- John

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