Re: Right Click Desktop Menu - Sorry

Unusual?  I do not think so.  There are literally hundreds, if not thousands,
of posts, messages and questions all asking the same thing, "How can I
remove "right-click" desktop menu items in Nautalis".  I found this post
searching on just that (page 3 of my Google results btw).

For me it's because I have two entries for Bluefish, which at one time
worked just fine but now only displays blank pages, 
 so I removed the app (someone else mentioned the issue at the BF website
and got, mocking at best responses, Stuff like "that does not happen")  on
bluefish but guess what? I have two entries in my right click menu now, for
something that is no longer on my system! (complete removal through
Synaptic).  So yeah finding a way to do this is one of those things I am NOT
going to give up on any time in the near future. 

>> Can I remove the "right-click" desktop menu without affecting the
>> icons on my desktop?
> There is currently no way to do this. But It seems like an unusual
> request. Why do you want this?
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