Rewrork DropBox code to send direct to subversion?

Hi all

It would be pretty cool if the Dropbox client for Nautilus could be
reworked to produce a simple no-brain system for storing one's files in
a Subversion repository. Their code is available and open source under
the GPL.

So we could use their code and substitute the Dropbox backend with a
subversion (or other VCS) backend! Coupled then with ViewVC on the
serverside, one would then have a very straightforward backup system
without requiring a commercial service, and using internal resources,
suitable for the case where data is sensitive etc.

This would be a really great enhancement for Linux, would be fairly
simple to implement, and wouldn't even particularly annoy the DropBox
people, because their big 'plus' is the cross-platform compatibility of
their tool.

Maybe this could be proposed as a GSoC project next year, unless there
is someone keen to work on it sooner?


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