extension column

Feature request: New (optional) column, displaying file extension. When enabled, the file name shown will not include anything following the first dot. Everything following the first dot will appear in the "Extension" column. Files may be sorted according to extension by clicking on the column header. If files had first been sorted by another column, this sorting will be preserved within the "Extension" sorting. For instance, if the user clicks "Name" then "Extension", a list like this would be shown:

Name      Extension
FileA2    .txt
FileB2    .txt
FileA1    .zip
FileB1    .zip

Reason: The current "Type" column is insufficient. Nautilus doesn't seem to be able to correctly identify the type of many files, and mis-identifies their type very regularly. I am a developer, and create my own (very simple) file formats. Their type is indicated by their extension. When I have a directory full of these different types of files, I need to be able to view them sorted first by extension, second by name, to make management of files by their actual type much easier.

If there is some other way for me to achieve this functionality than through a new feature in Nautilus, please let me know.


  - Erik

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