Re: multiple desktops

В Втр, 15/01/2008 в 00:32 -0800, Sergey Krivov пишет:
> Hi Sriram,
> thanks a lot for the answer,
> > I don't think there is a dbus method for changing
> > workspaces (well maybe
> > in compiz, don't know)  You need to look at the
> > window manager extended
> > hint for workspace changes.  Look up EWMH
> >
> (,
> > you'll need to monitor the "_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP"
> > window manager hint
> > through libwnck.  (not sure if there are python
> > bindings for that)
> there are, my python script uses wnck bindings to
> monitor change of workspace. this part of the script
> works. Whenever i change workspace the Desktop
> directory changes.
> But i dont know how to make Nautilus aware that the
> Desktop directory has been changed from within python
> script. So each time i have to hit Ctrl+R to refresh
> Desktop view and see new Desktop. 
> So i was wondering how to force Nautilus to reload the
> Desktop directory, maybe via dbus.

You can send Ctrl+R keypress with xlib or with at-spi if you have ally
enabled. Although it's probably better to hack nautilus instead and add
a way to reload desktop.

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