Re: [HIG] Use sentence, not header, labels in combox entries

On Mon, 2008-02-04 at 15:52 +0100, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> There are some comboboxes (aka drop-down lists) in Nautilus Preferences
> dialog using labels with header capitalization. This is a HIG violation,
> see [1] for details.
> The real issue for fix this bug is that we have to change the
> NautilusColumn definition in libnautilus-private and
> libnautilus-extension.
> In fact, the drop down lists in Display tab grab labels from "label"
> property for columns. But HIG says that list column headers must use the
> header capitalization (aaarrggghhh), so the only solution I can see is
> add a new "label_sentence" (string) property to NautilusColumn and use
> it to define the label with sentence capitalization.
> Is not so smart, but I don't think parse and lower the "label" string is
> a good idea. Of couse this will break any extension using NautilusColumn
> (i.e. none???)
> A patch is attached, I remember I changed drop-down lists in Display tab
> and in Preview tab (BTW changing the label from "Always" to "Local and
> remote files"). Meybe there was another 2 or 3 lists, but find them in
> glade diff is a pian, sorry.

+		g_free (column->details->label);
+		column->details->label = g_strdup (g_value_get_string (value));
+		g_object_notify (object, "label_sentence");

This doesn't look right. Aren't you supposed to set

Also, changing API in libnautilus-extensions is a big no-no. That is ABI
stable. You have to add a separate nautilus_column_set_label_sentence()
call. Just make it return label if label_sentence is not set, and this
should be backwards compat.

Maybe you can do the diff for the glade files with --ignore-all-space so
that its easier to see the differences.

> PS about preferences dialog: could we remove the "Tree View Defaults"
> group in Views tab? It's related to treeview in browser sidepane, I
> think we could remove it from the UI for a lot of reason: we are now
> using the spatial UI as default, the list(tree) view makes the same
> better, the places sidepane is the default one, ...

Eh? A lot of people use browser mode, always or manually when they need
this. We fully support this and this will not change. Maybe we can put
this in a better place, but I don't think we should delete prefs like

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