Re: following symbolic links and access to '..'

On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 2:20 AM, Emmanuel Dupoux
<emmanuel dupoux gmail com> wrote:
> When opening a directory through a symbolic link, nautilus does not allow
> to go back to the mother directory (is the directory ".."). Instead, when
> you
> click on the "up" arrow, you go back to the directory where the symbolic
> link
> has been created. In other words, if you open a directory through a symbolic
> link
> you are stuck in the subpart of the directory tree that is pointed by the
> link.
> It is a major pain in the neck. Is there a way to access the .. directory?

If you want to go "back", why not just use the Back button...?

That's why there are both a Back and an Up button in Nautilus.
Obviously Up is going to behave in the way it does, as per Christian's

Maybe I am just misunderstanding something and if so, sorry for being
confused :)

- Mike

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