Re: Sort order bug


Am Dienstag, den 04.09.2007, 10:02 +0100 schrieb David One:
> Can we expect a fix for this bug any time soon?

if somebody provides a patch: yes.

> When looking at the vast number of unconfirmed bugs (e.g.
> it seems this project is struggling to keep up???

well, there's not many active developers, or they spend their time on
other projects. however, patches on the mailing-list get reviewed.
also, there aren't that many bugsquad folks triaging nautilus reports,
because they can be tricky.
but nautilus isn't "struggling", 2.18 and the upcoming 2.20 are very
stable, compared to 2.16.

> P.S. From
> = 404

the webpage is outdated, yepp.


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