Re: Help with hacking Nautilus

Alternatively, I just changed the $prefix to some directory in my home
dir (so I don't need to mess with sudo and risk breaking the normal
Nautilus), using a "./configure" option, and then I just did a "make

This has the nice effect that you have a complete, separate install if
you want/need it, and you can also run directly the src/nautilus

I haven't learned how to use gdb properly yet, but at least I can use
printfs for now.

On 10/22/07, Nelson Benítez <gnel cenobioracing com> wrote:
>  Yesterday I built nautilus in gutsy and I've figured this out, to avoid
> those messages you have to copy the xml ui files in src/ and
> src/file-manager to $PREFIX/share/nautilus/ui/ directory, you have to
> create that directory if it doesn't exist, by default when you build
> nautilus the $PREFIX is /usr/local so I made the following:
> sudo cp src/*.xml /usr/local/share/nautilus/ui/
> sudo cp src/file-manager/*.xml /usr/local/share/nautilus/ui/
> and now I don't get those messages...

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