A simple bug in nautilus,

Hello List,
A simple bug, When a HTML page on disk is opened, it invokes Firefox
with page parameters and shows the busy cursor(a round cursor on Ubuntu
showing progress). Its nice, and it reverts to normal cursor mode when
the page is loaded.
BUt in case when Mozilla Firefox is opened already, and I click HTML to
open, the same process starts and continues still the firefox took no
time displaying the page,. The mouse cursor still shows the busy status
for some seconds before getting ack to the normal cursor. It looks a
little bad, cuz the systm actually was not busy, it already loaded and
finished the task, so the mouse cursor is not reacting along with the
real task.
I don't know what is behind this problem, but seems the gnome actually
waits for the maximum allowed time for the return value and then get the
mouse-cursor back to normal mode.

So, its a simple bug. Can you please check if this is happening to you


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