Weired icon <-> MIME type association

x-posting nautilus-list and gnome-vfs-list


I observe some weired behaviour. I defined a MIME type chemical/x-pdb
with file extension .ent using the shared-mime-info database (via the
chemical-mime-data package) and defined a pattern with priority 80 (and
also tried 50). Now I have a real Protein DataBase file with file
extension .ent (let's say chemical.ent) and an entity definition file
(starting with an XML comment) with the same extension (let's say, e.g.
isoamsa.ent). When I start nautilus and have a look at both files, both
files are detected as chemical/x-pdb (checked via properties), but
isoamsa.ent shows a different icon than chemical.ent. The latter shows
gnome-mime-chemical.png as expected and the isoamsa.ent shows some white
paper icon (not sure, where this icon is located, still searching -
probably preview?). Where does this difference come from? Some
inconsistency? It seems, the preview for text-file is used, but the MIME
type is detected as chemical/x-pdb. But then why chemical.ent does not
have a preview? chemical/x-pdb is a sub-class of text/plain.

If this is not the right list to discuss this issue or if it is caused
elsewhere, please forward this mail to the right list.

I will not be available until next Sunday and cannot answer questions
during this time.

Regards, Daniel

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