Adding mount usage information to properties page


I just opened which about nautilus not giving any usage details for a mount point, only the free space.  I've attached a patch that implements this functionality and draws a pie chart representing the usage/free space as well as giving the mounts capacity.  This works for all actual mounts such as usb drives and any other file system that is actually mounted.  It will not work for connected servers such as ssh and smb methods.  Currently, gnomevfs only allows you to get he free space and no other details about the volume so not much can be done about that without extending the methods.  If there was a method that allowed you to get the drive capacity as well as the free space then it could be made to work for connected servers as well.  On connected servers it will simply not display and look exactly like it does currently.  You can click on mounted drives that are on the desktop/computer:// and get the info.  If they are not mounted not it's again, just like you would currently if it wasn't mounted.  This all seems to work well on my machine.  I've copied the statvfs/statfs work out of the gnomevfs file method for the relevant parts as well as the  I don't claim to be even remotely good with autoconf/automake so something could be wrong in there especially for solaris (or at least some versions) since it seems to have statvfs with 4 arguments rather then 2.  Basically someone needs to test it on these systems.  Question and comments please.  I've put up a screenshot on which shows what that patch adds.


Trevor Davenport
trevor davenport gmail com

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