bump hal req to 0.5.10? (Was Re: Releases: gvfs 0.1.0, eel & nautlus 2.21.1)

On Fri, 2007-12-21 at 12:51 +0100, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> Do we need a newer hal? The one shipped with jhbuild (and official
> external dep) is 0.5.9.

Right, gvfs uses some new client-side API in libhal that uses a hash
table so property lookup is O(1) instead of O(n).

Since 0.5.10 was released Oct. 11 2007 and GNOME 2.22 is scheduled for
sometime in 2008 I think we probably just want to bump the requirement
to be hal 0.5.10. Most distros shipping 2.20 ship hal 0.5.10; everyone
else, I think, has it in their development trees.

Anyway, adding release-team to answer this question.


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