Re: Releases: gvfs 0.1.0, eel & nautlus 2.21.1

Il giorno gio, 20/12/2007 alle 17.37 +0100, Alexander Larsson ha
> Today I released gvfs 0.1.0 and the first 2.21 versions of nautilus,
> using gio/gvfs. This, in combination with the soon to be released glib
> 2.15.0 means we have a tarball release of the full gio stack.
> Please play with this and report any problems you find. There is a lot
> of new code in this, and there are bound to be lots of new and exciting
> bugs.

cd ./html && gtkdoc-mkhtml gio ../gio-docs.xml
../xml/migrating.xml:41: parser error : xmlParseEntityRef: no name
          <row><entry>GnomeVFSHandle & GnomeVFSAsyncHandle</entry><entry>GInputS
../gio-docs.xml:99: element include: XInclude error : could not load ../xml/migrating.xml, and no fallback was found
Computing chunks...

Maybe &amp; ?

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