Re: nautilus-actions that need parameters?

Hi Ross,

You could try using zenity to prompt the user for the directory, and then call rsync.

DIR=`zenity --file-selection --directory --filename="$DEFAULT_DIR" --title="Please choose a directory..."`;



Ross Vandegrift wrote:
Hello everyone,

I was hoping to be able to configure a nautilus-action item that would
take a parameter.  I have my portable music player and my music
library, and I'm copying from my library to my player.  Often times, I
want to update the files that are there, but would like to save the
time of recopying everything.  rsync is perfect for this job.

So I wrote a nautilus-action that can rsync to a fixed directory.  Is
there any way I can have it prompt the user for a targer when I choose
"rsync to..." from my menu?

Another alternative would be if I could drag a collection of files to
a target directory and have nautilus use rsync to do the copy, butit
seemed easier with nautilus-actions.

Any hints?

Please keep me CCed as I'm not subscribed, thanks!

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