My Google Summer of Code Application

Ravi Kumar wrote:
On which SOC u r in>?

I applied to GNOME. My application was called "Intelligent Desktop" and it would focus on solving the icon-overflow problem and experiment with offering dynamic views of the desktop and actions to perform on it, such as "showing all images." These would be on a desktop-sidebar (I called it the DAW or Desktop Action Window). Basically, I want to try and enhance the usefulness of the desktop and experiment with various UI stuff.

I don't have the actual application any place public, but I was asked for some mockups and I have those available if anyone wants to take a look.

All comments and suggestions welcome... especially on whether this could be implemented externally to Nautilus. I would prefer tight integration w/Nautilus, and I don't want to rewrite everything it already does. I looked at the extension API and it looks insufficient. Any thoughts?

If I get accepted (that would be really cool!) I'll announce plans more formally. For now, I'm still finishing up school.... >.<


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