Nautilus thumbnail creation SLOW. gThumb does a much faster job.


i just opened up some directory`s with thousands of images and i saw that nautilus is horrible slow.
gThumb on the other hand seems to be extremely fast.

so.. isn`t it time to revise the thumbnail creation?

i mean.. nautilus seems to use imagemagick now to create the thumbnails and that might be a little overkill to just generate thumbnails. imagemagick can be used for so much more and all that stuff is (in this case) a waste of cpu cycles.
I do wonder how gThumb does this but it looks like they are just using gdk-pixbuf url:
so.. please CONSIDER rebuilding the thumbnail generation part!! it will go alot faster.

don`t believe it? use gThumb for a while and you will probably notice the speed improvement.
also (if your changing the coding anyway) make sure you add the max thumbnail sizes to gconf!! options are good to have but not if i need to edit the source code to get them.

I hope to see some reply`s
thanx in favor..


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