why not include "empty trash" and "eject device" buttons

We already have the "record to CD" button on the disc burner folder, and
the "edit" button on the saved searches. Shouldn't we start including
that kind of buttons on other special folders too, to perform actions
that are important but not necessarily obvious?

We could start by adding an "empty trash" to the trash folder. The
code's even already there:


Even more important IMHO would be to add an "eject button" for removable
devices. Currently, many people new to linux or overall IT don't even
know that USB devices, for example, need to be unmounted before pulling
them out. This might not matter much in Windows, where data is copied
synchronously, but is a killer in linux. Most of them just find out that
the data they had copied "isn't there",  and they don't know why.

Putting an eject button on the folder would be an obvious way to remind
them what they need to do, and very handy for experienced users too.

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