Re: [PATCH] Add DnD files onto archiver files with help of file-roller

On Sun, 2006-11-19 at 22:53 +0000, Nelson Benítez wrote:
> Hi, please see for details and also a
> screencast of the feature. I also attach patch here.

Interesting. This interfers with implementing similar features using
chained uris. However, since those never really worked I guess we could
go this route instead.

nautilus_is_archiver_file() is pretty weird, it looks for e.e.g "zip"
anywhere in a filename, not ".zip" at the end. Also we should probably
be using mimetypes, not extensions if possible.

+	} else if (nautilus_is_archiver_file (target_uri_string)) {
+		*action = GDK_ACTION_LINK;
+		return;

Why default to link? Surely this is a copy operation.
Also, LINK might not be in the set of allowed actions, you need to check
that. Also, there seems to not be any support for listview dnd.

In general it seems like you're just adding some special case hacks
instead of working with the existing DnD code. Take a look at things
like nautilus_drag_can_accept_files() and try to work from that instead.

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