Re: did this idea fell into a blachole?

Le vendredi 05 mai 2006 �9:00 +0400, Nickolay V. Shmyrev a �it :

> You've probably forgot to activate bonobo with bonobo_init or
> bonobo_activation_init.
Yes, that was it. I figured it myself just after posting.
Now I succeeded to compile the stubs and common
for nautilus-metadata-server, and to request for a file descriptor.
Oddly, that opens a new nautilus window, on the appropriate directory.
At least, that says to me that something
related to my prog happened in nautilus.
Then, I requested the keywords list for a well-known directory.
The server returned CORBA_NO_EXCEPTION, but it gave me
an incredible _length for the list, and none of the emblem names 
I had put to that directory.
What can have happened?


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