Re: Question

В Срд, 22/03/2006 в 21:23 -0800, colin itzko пишет:
> I am currently running debian with gnome, and was wondering if their
> was an option or tweak within' nautilus to show a preview or thumbnail
> when in an "open file" window. ie. if i am on a website and select a
> simple "Browse" php script-my home folder pops open, and i can see a
> list of file names, it would be nice to be able to switch to a
> thumbnail view in order to see the images...however currently i only
> get a text view. is their a fix or tweak for this?
> thanks -
> colin.

Hi Colin

Are you talking about thumbnails in FileChooser dialog? I think
currently it's not possible but probably it will be implemented in the
future. It's not an easy problem, so don't expect much.

Hope, that helps.

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