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On 3/17/06, Marcus Hauser <claydragon web de> wrote:
I'd like to make a suggestion for future Nautilus versions. One thing that always bothered me with Microsoft Windows and today on the Nautilus file browser was that you couldn't pass arguments to programs you want to execute in a fast and comfortable way.

Hi, just wanted to say that for me, that is a very rare use case, usually only when something is not working as expected. No app meant to be started from GUI should need commandline options, after all (even though they can have it for customization). When needed, I use the "open terminal here" extension to start application and examine output.

You could also look into writing a nautilus script ( A suggestion would be a script that takes a file, pops a zenity textfield and then executes the file with whatever was entered as parameters. Should be pretty easy to do.

-- Kristoffer

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