Hi Nautilus Developer Team!

I'd like to make a suggestion for future Nautilus versions. One thing that always bothered me with Microsoft Windows and today on the Nautilus file browser was that you couldn't pass arguments to programs you want to execute in a fast and comfortable way. My solution would be following: additionally to the "Open" command in the context menu (which executes the program) there should be some kind of "Open Advanced", "Open...", "Open with argument" or something like that, which opens a dialog box where you can enter arguments to be passed to the program. To make the box a bit more useful, there could also be a checkbox which optionally lets you start the program in a terminal (so you can read the online help if you pass "--help" to the program, for example). I recall Windows had a rather awkward way to pass arguments to a program: you had to create a pif-link to a program and write a "?" as the argument in the pif dialog. If you started the link then, a small dialog where you could enter arguments appeared before actually running the program.

I hope someone finds my suggestion useful and implements this feature some day. I'd like to do it myself, but I'm not very fit in C programming and I guess I have neither the time nor the abilities to read through the presumably large source of such a complex application as Nautilus. :-(

Thanks for reading! ;-)


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