Re: Nautilus remote previews

Le mardi 20 juin 2006 �2:47 +1000, Carey O'Shea a �it :
> Hi,
> I have remote drives mounted via NFS/SMB/etc on my laptops, and due to
> these remote directories being mounted, nautilus thinks they are local,
> and tries to generate previews for everything (very much not fun over a
> 256kbit or 512kbit uplink). 
> Anyone know if there is a gconf setting or some way to get nautilus to
> be smarter about this and detect remote directories automatically (ie.
> partition not local, so therefore remote, then don't show preview)? 
> Or at the least, a way to manually disable previews on a per-directory
> basis?
> Any ideas are appreciated.
In the Nautilus preferences, tab "previews", you can ask the previews
for "only local files"; separately for sound files and for
"other previews" i.e. images. There are three choices for each category:
_ never
- always
- for local files only

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