Re: Problem with popup menu cache system

Here is a developement version of nautilus-actions which uses this new

You must have the patched version of nautilus installed before
since the configure script check for the existence of the new function.

Once installed, you can test that when you create/modify/delete an
action with nautilus-actions-config, the menus are updated immediately
in nautilus.



RUAUDEL Frédéric wrote:

Hi again,

 Here is my first patch proposal to fix Bug #339273. I would like to
have your comments on it and ideally your approval :o)

Sorry, but I didn't manage to compile a working Gnome 2.15.x
environnement, so I did this patch against the last stable release of
nautilus on FC5 : 2.14.1. If needed I can try to adapt it to the last
CVS Head version.

All the details are in the Bugzilla entry here :




Alexander Larsson wrote:

On Wed, 2006-04-26 at 17:32 +0200, RUAUDEL Frédéric wrote:

You means that should already works with the last version of nautilus, or the concept is ok and we have to develop it ? :)

The later, unfortunately. :)

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