Re: Nautilus 2.10 does not start

В Чтв, 08/06/2006 в 23:12 -0300, Paulo Cavalcanti пишет:
> Hi, 
> I am having a problem with nautilus 2.10 from fedora 4. 
> Since yesterday, it does not put any icon on the desktop, although it
> is running. It is also using more than 95% of the CPU. When 
> I try to close the gnome session it hangs and I have to kill  X. 
> Everything else seems to be normal. I can login in kde with no problem
> at all. I rebooted the computer many times and nothing has changed. 
> Any suggestion would be greatly appriciated. 
Without additional information it's hard to say what is going on. First
of all, check xsession-error in /tmp if something is dumped to error
log. Then try to run nautilus or gnome-session under strace and find the
place where it hangs.

You can try to debug it:

with gdb you should login from console, attach to the nautilus with 

gdb --pid=<nautilus_pid>

and collect backtrace with "thread apply all bt" command. You need to
install debug packages installed. 

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