Re: Changing some keybindings in Nautilus

> Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 23:25:30 +0300
> From: Alexander Shopov <ash contact bg>
> Subject: Changing some keybindings in Nautilus
> I would like to know whether it is possible to
> change (or add
> additionally) key bindings to Nautilus. Is is
> possible to make
> cntr+Insert=cntrl+c=(copy files) and
> shift+Insert=cntrl+p=(paste files).
> First I tried using the gnome-keybinding-properties,
> but there no such
> actions there.
> Then I started fiddling with ~/.gtkrc - I could make
> the change, but
> only for normal widgets of the classes like
> GtkEntry, GtkTextView,
> GtkTextView, GtkTreeView. And they did the normal
> text/object
> copy/paste. 

Have you tried using editable menu shortcuts? (it's in
one of the preftools, check the user guide)

However, I really wouldn't recommend it.
CTRL-C and V are two of the fundamental shortcuts that
are common to the whole GNOME desktop.
Shift-ins and Ctrl-Ins are deprecated shortcuts from
the 1980s, with no mnemonic value.

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