Re: nautiulus ignores umask

Nickolay V. Shmyrev wrote:
In usual setup,
nautilus and gnome-session are invoked directly from the gdm, bypassing
.bash_profile. So if you haven't set umask in .xinitrc, than nautilus
process will have default value.

I use Debian (sarge). In my setup gdm starts Xsession script. This script sources /etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile (not by default, but I made it do so) and only than starts gnome-session and nautilus. So these processes should use the umask, that is set in ~/.bash_profile or /etc/profile. Othet processes but nautilus do use it.

Try the following:
1. start terminal
2. gnome-session-remove nautilus
3. umask 0002
4. nautilus to start it from terminal
5. check that umask is respected.

didn't help...

Best regards,
Sergiy Kolesnikov

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