Re: [PATH] nautilus places sidebar

On Tue, 2006-08-01 at 21:27 +0200, Xavier Claessens wrote:
> Hi,
> Following what I said in gnomevfs ML[1] here is a patch for the places
> sidebar. It now list all unmounted and user-visible drives followed by
> user-visible volumes. It is simpler since gnomevfs removed drive for
> mounted partitons (/dev/hdX doesn't have a drive anymore).
> [1]

I don't understand this patch. We already don't show non-user visible
drives or volumes. The only thing that changes is that with the current
code the volume icon for a mounted cdrom appears in the same position
that the drive icon was in when it gets mounted, whereas with your patch
all the empty drives are at the top, but when mounted they move down
below the other drives.

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