Re: Nautilus DVD Burning -- Simple but Elusive -- Please help

Patrick JACQUOT wrote:
Benjamin Sher wrote:

Daniel Pörsch wrote:

Hi Benjamin,

Benjamin Sher <delphi123 <at>> writes:
I've been trying to burn a DVD using Nautilus CD Burning. It looks so simple, yet I can't seem past second base. Here are two screenshots:

Your screenshots confuse me a little bit. In screenshot 1 you show the data you prepared and want to burn now. Screenshot two shows an empty burn:/// location and an error message, that you have to copy the files to the CD/DVD creator. Have you tried this? Maybe the error message is confusing for you. What you have to do now, is coping the files from /tmp/dvd/Messenger to burn:/// and then hit "Write to CD". Next would pop up a window where you can enter a CD name and the
burning speed.

The principle is similar to windows xp explorer burning, if you are familiar
with this.

Let me know if this helped or if I misunderstood you!

My current desktop is KDE. So, my first question is: do you have to use the Nautilus CD Burning from within Gnome? I could do that, of course, if necessary. PCLINUXOS includes the Gnome Control Center and of course I use a lot of Gnome applications within KDE.

shouldn't be necessary.

Good luck and best regards!

Dear Daniel:

As I said, this is so simple a 2 year old child could do it, yet seems to stump grown-up. It's the step between the first screenshot and the second that has me completely baffled (if not downright batty). How do I copy all the files to ///burn, when ///burn changes to something else. Could you please guide me step by step, using my screenshots as to what to expect and how to do this. I feel like a cat chasing after its own tail.

Thank you so much.


I never used Nautilus-DVD-burner, but I use daily Nautilus-CD-burner.
Just go to the directory where are your files, select them, use "edit->copy",
return to ///burn, then click '
"burn a CD".
then burn your DVD (or try to do it).
If the global size exceeds that of a DVD
click "cancel" instead of "OK, then destroy some files in ///burn till the size is OK, and retry burning .
That's all, folks :-)
Dear Patrick and friends:

I sincerely apologize. This is really becoming a bit of a nightmare for me. Here is a new screenshot showing my attempt to add my files to ///burn and the result message, which is exactly what the program began with:

I would really appreciate if one of you kind folks just put me out of my misery by taking me step by step till I can get this 2 year old level program to work for this 59 year far from newbie. I think I am confusing each step and the precise place where I should perform it.

Hope you can help.

Thank you.


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