Nautilus DVD Burning -- Simple but Elusive -- Please help

Dear friends:

Using PCLINUXOS with both KDE and Gnome and Nautilus 2.10.1

I've been trying to burn a DVD using Nautilus CD Burning. It looks so simple, yet I can't seem past second base. Here are two screenshots:

My current desktop is KDE. So, my first question is: do you have to use the Nautilus CD Burning from within Gnome? I could do that, of course, if necessary. PCLINUXOS includes the Gnome Control Center and of course I use a lot of Gnome applications within KDE.

I have looked at the various step-by-step instructions for Nautilus CD Burning. This is why I am so mystified. I have some serious experience running Linux, yet I can't for the life of me figure what I am doing wrong. The files in question (see screenshot) were created by K9Copy, i.e. they were decrypted, copied, compressed and were made ready for burning. The real total size of the files (due to compression) is 4.3 GB (instead of 7.1 GB). See screenshot 3:

I would really appreciate someone's help. This has got to be a lot easier than it looks.

Thank you so much.


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