nautilus actions menu


I wonder if nautilus has something like this:

I would like to integrate my Qt 4 app into nautilus, so custom actions on 
files and directories would be provided in right click menu. These actions 
instruct my already running application to do some tasks, communication is 
done over unix domain sockets - I already have written a simple shell utility 
which does the actual communication over unix d. s.

So far, I have found two possible solutions, but they present some problems...

1. nautilus-scripts in user's home directory. This is quite nice, however:
 - there is no global scripts directory so I can't install/uninstall actions 
with standard package tools (rpm/deb/...) for all users on the system
 - action entries are not translateable, icons cannot be changed

2. Create nautilus extension in c, which is something I would like to avoid at 
this time...

Any suggestions?

Egon Kocjan

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