Re: [PATCH] Use GdkPixbufLoader for thumbnailer to reduce memory consumption

On Fri, 2006-04-07 at 15:30 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
> The attached patch ports the nautilus image loading code to
> GdkPixbufLoader, which ensures that less memory is consumed for large
> images. The old thumbnailing code was also not very traceable wrt frame
> addition.

It looks good in general, but:

> if (!gdk_pixbuf_loader_write (loader, buffer, buflen, &error)) {                                             
>         /* error might be NULL although FALSE is returned, bug #337611 */                                    

I'm not sure after reading the bug: Is that just an assumption based on reading the code or did you actually get an NULL error?
>         if (error != NULL);                                                                                  
>                 g_error_free (error);

This looks like it doesn't do what you intended.

> scale = (double)args->nominal_size/args->base_size;

Missing whitespaces. (Granted, in the current version too)

> GError *error = NULL;



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