Re: Alex bad excuse

This is in fact a very good excuse!  :-)

El jue, 30-03-2006 a las 10:42 +0200, Alexander Larsson escribi� I'm sorry I haven't had time to look at some of the patches and stuff
> going on in the lists recently. I'm very busy working on the new
> printing support in gtk+. The gtk+ feature freeze and release dates are
> coming up soon, so I really have to spend most of my time so that it is
> finished in time. I'll probably have to spend most of next week on it
> too.
> Hopefully the other maintainers will take up some of my slack. I keep
> all the important mails marked in my inbox, so if something slips
> between chairs I'll get back to it eventually.
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
>  Alexander Larsson                                            Red Hat, Inc 
>                    alexl redhat com    alla lysator liu se 
> He's a deeply religious moralistic farmboy possessed of the uncanny powers of 
> an insect. She's a blind insomniac hooker from out of town. They fight crime! 

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