Re: Policy to show drives/volumes

What about Windows partitions on the hard disk?  Fedora Core 3 (Gnome
2.8) shows the icon in computer:/// as it is described in /etc/fstab but
Fedora Core 5 (Gnome 2.14) doesn't show any hard disk icon anywhere.

Now I can't mount Windows partitions in Nautilus, I have to use the
command line and I have to get there from the location bar
typing /mnt/win_c.

Any reason why the hard disk icons got hidden in this situation?  There
should be a simple way for users to mount other partitions if they are
allowed in fstab.


El vie, 31-03-2006 a las 14:04 -0600, Federico Mena Quintero escribi� Hi,
> I'm looking at this bug:
> Right now we have four places where the user can see drives/volumes:
> 1. The file chooser shows all user-visible drives, and all user-visible
> volumes with no associated drives.
> 2. The computer:/// method does the same as (1)
> 3. The desktop shows only user-visible modules (so e.g. you don't get a floppy
> icon for unmounted floppies).
> 4. The Places sidebar in Nautilus does the same as (3).
> The most visible inconsistency is (1) vs. (4).  Also, (1) sucks when you
> plug in an USB multicard reader, since you get several entries of
> "SanDisk Card Reader".
> Let's say we follow a policy of showing only user-visible volumes, like
> in (3) and (4).  In the magical world of HAL, gnome-volume-manager, and
> friends, everything works perfectly *except* for floppies:  when you put
> in a floppy in your drive, you don't get an icon because there is no
> notification from the hardware.  Yes, mango-stained floppies are still
> widely used over here in the third world :)
> So I think we should only show user-visible modules, like in (3) and
> (4), and have a special case for floppy drives in that we always show
> them.
> If this makes sense, my next question is how to detect whether a
> GnomeVFSDrive is a floppy drive.  There's a GnomeVFSDeviceType
> enumeration, but you can only get that for a GnomeVFSVolume, not a
> GnomeVFSDrive.
> [It is probably fine to have computer:/// show both drives and volumes;
> there's no clutter since computer:/// is kind of hidden.]
> Thoughts?
>   Federico

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