Re: [PATCH] Move custom icons when copying metadata

On Wed, 2005-09-21 at 23:34 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
> The attached patch ensures that custom icons that have URIs inside a
> folder they're used for (consider album covers) are changed upon copying
> the folder that has the custom URI set. It heavily interferes with [1],
> so we should probably decide what route to take. I'd propose to not
> commit the huge metadata changes from [1] to the (to be created) stable
> branch, but just to HEAD, and to commit the attached patch to the stable
> branch and afterwards adapt it to the changes in HEAD introduced by [1].

You're mixing g_free/xmlFree in:
+               property = xmlGetProp (destination_file_node, NAUTILUS_METADATA_KEY_CUSTOM_ICON);
+               if (property != NULL && g_str_has_prefix (property, source_file_uri)) {
+                       p = property;
+                       property = g_strconcat (destination_file_uri,
+                                               property + strlen (source_file_uri),
+                                               NULL);
+                       xmlSetProp (destination_file_node, NAUTILUS_METADATA_KEY_CUSTOM_ICON, property);
+                       xmlFree (p);
+               }
+               xmlFree (property);

I recommend using p for the g_strconcat result instead and then

Its sort of strange that the metafile system special-cases a specific
key entry like this. It would make more sense to e.g. store the custom
icon with a relative filename. That would work for more cases than the
prefix of the uri being identical too. For instance when there are
symlinks etc involved.

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