Re: [PATCH] Make file properties dialog always show deep count

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 13:33 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:
> I've attached a patch to bug 126068 [1] which ensures that the contents
> of folders will always be displayed in the file properties dialog, but
> unfortunately nobody found the time to review it yet.
> I've added some remarks to the bug report and would get some feedback:
> "- Removed properties window code which toggles the visibility of the
> deep count
> field
> - Added "force" flag to nautilus_file_get_deep_counts
> - - string getters pass FALSE
> - - the property window passes TRUE
> - - all nautilusfile_class->get_deep_counts implementations pass TRUE, since
> their deep count getters are always beyond the check in
> nautilus_file_get_deep_counts. I'm not sure whether the trash implementation
> should be special-cased and only pass TRUE for local files, so that remote
> locations in the trash still obey the pref."
> I'm particularly interested in how to handle "trash:///". Federico, you
> probably have some experience in that area. This patch might also
> probably intersect with [2], at least for the properties dialog. What do
> you think?

It would be really strange if deep count was done, but reported only the
partial results (ignoring e.g. remote trashes) without telling you. Of
course, your patch does result in deep counts sometimes gotten for
remote trashes even if the preference disables this. However, I don't
think this is a huge problem. Its more important to have the deep count
in the property dialog.

So, please commit this.

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