Re: [PATCH] Autofill "Connect To Server" when already in a remote location

On Wed, 2005-09-07 at 23:49 +0000, Nate Nielsen wrote:
> As a convenience feature, if I'm at a window displaying a remote
> location (URI) in nautilus, and then choose 'Connect to Server' from the
> menu, it should fill in that URI by default.
> In these cases this patch selects 'Custom Location' and enters the URI.
> Note that usability is not affected as most users will generally choose
> 'Connect to Server' from the 'Places' menu or their Home Folder or some
> such.
> Bug:
> Patch:
> Okay to commit? Or is the freeze still on?

Its sort of strange the way you pass the uri via a property. Just add a
new argument to nautilus_connect_server_dialog_new() instead. 

Also, gnome_vfs_uri_is_local() is the wrong call, as it returns FALSE
for e.g. nfs shares. Just look for file: uris instead. You should
probably filter out more locations, like network:, burn:, fonts:.

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