Re: Folder-panel

> From: Wolfgang Keller

> Get  an  old  PowerMac  with  a copy of MacOS
> Classic, install Default
> Folder  and  FinderPoP  on  it and you will see how
> _easy_ and _quick_
> folder and file "navigation" can be.


A certain amount of that functionality is available in
The ability to switch between open applications is now
handled by the OS X dock.
Something in GNOME that switches applications (rather
than windows) would be handy.

Default Folder:

A lot of that is in OS X too. 
I know that OS X remembers the last folder used for
each individual application. Does GNOME?

I would like to see GNOME remember the state of the
Save dialog expander widgets, either system-wide or
per application, but is that a matter for Nautilus?


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