Re: script to set custom icons and emblems

Am Mittwoch, den 14.09.2005, 12:06 -0700 schrieb Marius Scurtescu:
> Is there a script that allows you to set custom icons and emblems to files?

No. What you want is rather a more intuitive emblem UI. Apple has done
an amazing job on that - you can assign colors using the context menu. I
remember some cool mockups on the usability mailing list for Project
Topaz (GNOME 3.0) which had a tagging support, allowing you to mark
particular files/tasks/entities as "Important" and so on using the
panel. Basically the same as Apple provides today, just more
intuitive/obvious and abstract, i.e. not restricted to files.

> I was thinking about a script that automatically sets emblems on
> subversion controlled files for example.

You'll have to use libnautilus-extension. There is
nautilus_file_info_add_emblem. nautilus-vcs [1] obviously uses this API,
although only for CVS pursposes. There are some plans to add SVN support
[2], though. Feel free to contact Raffaele and/or join the crew. We are
desperately looking for new contributors. Get involved, NOW! :)


Christian Neumair <chris gnome-de org>

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